Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits, Dosage, and More (2022)

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits, Dosage, and More (2022)

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Apple cider vinegar (AVC) is a popular home remedy used for various cooking and medicinal purposes. Today, people consume apple cider vinegar to improve a variety of health complaints due to its potent antimicrobial and antioxidative properties.

Additionally, some research suggests that apple cider vinegar promotes weight loss, improves lipid panel, and lowers blood sugar levels. However, like any educated consumer, you should wonder about the evidence-based research that supports these claims.

Note that apple cider vinegar is available in the gummy form, allowing you to get enough AVC without having to binge drink it.

In this article, we will start by covering the health benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar, then switch gears to discuss its potential side effects and appropriate dosage.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

Help control blood sugar levels

ACV is an excellent choice for people with diabetes who want better control over their blood sugar levels.

However, this does not make it exclusive for diabetic patients since you can also take advantage of the blood sugar-control feature to optimize the function of your organs and become healthier.

If you are the skeptic type (as you should be), you will probably need some research.

In one study, scientists found that ACV improves insulin sensitivity by 19–34% after a carbohydrate-rich meal and also helps lower serum blood sugar levels.

Another study found that diabetic patients who consume 2 tablespoons of ACV before bedtime reported a 4% decrease in their glycemia (blood sugar) the following morning.

Boost the immune system

When it comes to infectious pathogens, the immune system is your best friend, which is why you need to do everything possible to optimize its function.

Fortunately, apple cider vinegar optimizes the function of the immune system. It does this by providing your cells with the necessary equipment to kill microbes.

In fact, people used ACV to treat infections caused by warts, lice, and nail fungus.

One interesting historical factoid is that Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) used ACV to clean wounds more than 2,000 years ago.

You might be thinking: “where is the science? I need the science!”

In a 2018 study, researchers observed the antimicrobial properties of ACV on several bacterial and fungal species, including:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Candida albicans

If you have never heard of these microbes, that’s actually good news. They are some of the worst microbes in the field of medicine.

Promotes weight loss

This is perhaps the most appealing aspect of consuming ACV, as the active compound (acetic acid) promotes weight loss.

One study inspected the effects of adding two tablespoons of ACV to 144 overweight individuals over 12 weeks. By the end of this duration, participants lost an average of 3.7 pounds compared to the starting point.

It also means that ACV can prevent numerous obesity-induced diseases.

Improves skin health

Apple cider vinegar is a common remedy to treat skin conditions, such as eczema and rashes.

You see, the skin is physiologically acidic (pH under 7). When this balance gets disrupted, numerous dermatological conditions arise.

For this reason, applying apple cider vinegar to your skin can restore its natural pH, which reinforces the natural skin barrier.

Conversely, using alkaline (pH above 7) soaps and cleansers is known to irritate the skin and trigger symptoms of eczema.

Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties of ACV indicate that it might be beneficial in preventing skin infections.

Note that you should not apply raw ACV to your skin, as it’s more appropriate to dilute it in a facewash or a toner.

Before applying ACV or any other home remedy to your skin, you may want to speak with your primary care physician or dermatologist.

The side effects of apple cider vinegar

Delayed stomach emptying

Apple cider vinegar prevents blood sugar spikes by slowing down the rate of stomach emptying.

As a result of this process, the absorption of sugar becomes slower, which prevents glycemic spikes. However, despite how beneficial this effect sounds, slowing down absorption may worsen certain medical conditions, such as gastroparesis. The latter is incredibly common in diabetic patients.

Symptoms of gastroparesis include bloating, nausea, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea.

In one controlled study that looked at 10 diabetic patients with gastroparesis, researchers found that drinking water with 30 ml of apple cider vinegar significantly delayed stomach emptying relative to drinking plain water.

Digestive side effects

Along the line of gastroparesis, ACV may cause other digestive problems in some people.

In fact, many studies showed that acetic acid decreases appetite and promotes feelings of fullness. While this sounds great for people who want to lose weight, one study suggests that it’s the result of indigestion symptoms.

Bone loss

There are no high-quality research papers that address the effects of apple cider vinegar on bone health. However, some case studies found that too much ACV leads to bone degradation and osteoporosis.

Researchers hypothesize that the acidity of ACV precipitates the breakdown of minerals from the bones, which lowers bone mineral density. Moreover, low pH slows down the process of producing new bone.

Of course, the amount of ACV consumed in these cases is way above the recommended dosage, which brings us to our next topic.

The proper dosage of apple cider vinegar

Incorporating apple cider vinegar into your cooking is by far the most efficient way to promote your health without having to deal with the side effects of ACV.

If you want to dilute ACV in water, you need to mix 1-2 tablespoons (15–30 ml) in a large glass of water per day.

Fortunately, ACV gummies can help you avoid these side effects and get the appropriate dosage.

Takeaway message

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent substance that provides numerous health benefits. Adding ACV to your cooking or diluting it in water may promote your health in a variety of ways.

We hope that this article managed to shed some light on the benefits and side effects of apple cider vinegar.

If you are ready to make the right choice like many of our readers already have, check out AVC gummies by clicking here.

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