Benefits of Collagen (2022)

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There is many views and thoughts on the buzz word of Collagen peptides. The real question is do they really help slow our enemy of aging?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are my benefits that Collagen Peptides provide. But first let's do a quick overview.

Collagen peptides and what they are exactly?

To put it simply, they are a supplement that is able to help your replace collagen that is lost in your body.  From the inside out collagen can help assist by replacing the collagen in your body.

What are the top 3 benefits of Collagen according to Cleveland Clinic:

Helps the elasticity of your skin

While as we age we may find our skin is not as tight and firm as it once was. But this process can be assisted with Collagen peptides, by filling and tightening the skin to help keeping you look youthful.

Helps with your Joints

As time goes on you will see that like a creaking door your joints may start to get a little more squeaky then they used to. Collagen has been shown to help protect your tendons and ligaments, along with ease or reduce pain for active and elderly people.

Gives your bones and muscles extra strength

Did you know that your bones are made mostly of Collagen? When you age your Collagen can decrease which will decrease the strength of your bones and make them more liable to break or fracture. It has been found in different studies that Collagen peptides maybe a solution to help lessen osteoporosis.

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Source: Do Collagen Peptides Actually Work? – Cleveland Clinic

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