Men's Journal features EXCITE MY

Men's Journal features EXCITE MY

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Samuel Tejada, President and Founder of Liquivida, is a firm believer in the common saying that health is wealth. He believes that no one should put their health on the back burner. As a retired Firefighter/Paramedic on the firefighters’ calendar, he was very fit until he started building his company. Then, with much to do in so little time, he gradually relaxed his fitness regimen and got lost in work. Consequently, he gained a lot of weight, forcing him to slow down and get his health back on track. Sam’s transformation was a wake-up call that motivated him to seek solutions to help people feel more energetic and in control of their health.

Featured in Men's Journal

His company, Liquivida, is a full-service health and wellness center franchise that is helping people across America to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, medical aesthetics, hormone replacement therapies, and innovative weight loss solutions. It is operated by a respected network of medical professionals who believe that sustainable health and wellness can be achieved by understanding one’s body and caring for it through targeted nutrition and a combination of preventative and functional medicine.

As part of their model, clients are encouraged to undergo routine blood work to see where nutrients could be low and why. From there, Liquivida’s medical team leverages various strategic partners to deliver cutting-edge alternative health and wellness solutions for busy clients.

Liquivida’s newest strategic partner EXCITE MY has come aboard with an innovative solution that enhances the success clients are already finding through Liquivida’s vitamin IV therapy and intramuscular injections. By delivering essential nutrients through deliciously hand-crafted, high-quality supplements, EXCITE MY offers an exciting new way for clients to effectively further manage their health.

EXCITE MY founder and CEO, Gary Rollar, is an extreme sports enthusiast who knows firsthand the importance of health in an active and on-the-go lifestyle – an understanding which sparked his vision for EXCITE MY. His passion paired with 16 years of experience running the sales and marketing department for a multi-million-dollar company brought his vision to life. EXCITE MY is an adventure inspired supplement line made with quality ingredients specifically designed to help ignite your zest for life from the inside out.

The quality-driven products are fashioned to invigorate the otherwise mundane process of taking daily vitamins, further motivating clients to prioritize their health. Contrary to the boring and sterile vitamins most people are used to, EXCITE MY’s products are fun and bright. Their delicious products include chewable gummy vitamins and capsules made from carefully selected, scientifically backed ingredients.

According to Tejada, the EXCITE MY partnership allows clients to have the best of both worlds. Chewable gummies compliment intravenous drips and intramuscular injections, adding different supplemental nutrients to what clients are already receiving. EXCITE MY has a variety of nutrients that are not available for intravenous use. Gary Rollar echoes that sentiment, adding that the EXCITE MY supplements are intended to work together with IV therapy to deliver a complete health and wellness solution. Unlike other oral supplements, the absorption of chewable gummy vitamins starts right from the mouth since saliva contains enzymes that digest the chewable gummies and increase their absorption rate and effectiveness over competing products.

Both companies work tirelessly to offer more effective health products and innovative solutions, and they are excited about the future of their medicine.

Due to the rise of accessible health information, the population is becoming increasingly health conscious. Both founders remain two steps ahead, working hard to meet the needs of a much more educated and savvier consumer. As Sam has realized, investing in your health is what will create true wealth. That is the greatest investment you can personally make for yourself – no matter what business venture you set out to conquer.

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